Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Chain Reaction

Author : Caleb David Duku

You look up, my heart beats,

As it beats your ears perk up,

Simultaneously my curiosity rises,

And I take a step closer to you,

Your lips open, the sweetest name ive ever heard comes out,

My boiling blood simmers down enough for me to figure that out.

I stretch forth my hand and our skin touches,

I look up quick enough to see your cheeks blushing,

Fast forward all of this a couple of weeks,

And were seated beneath a tree with flower petals at our feet,

Your lips stretch out in a smile and my heart grows about a mile,

Good times are to die for but immortality is still vain,

Especially when you no longer whisper but scream my name.

Hot tears scald my heart as I watch you leave,

I know were over but its something I don’t want to believe,

Looks like our chain reaction went wrong,

‘Cus I just went from sprung to happy to alone.

But then again nothing is permanent or set in stone,

So I straighten my back , suck it up and move on.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What i like about you

What I like about you

Author: Caleb David Duku

You’re like riding a new bike,

I fall in love with you over and over again,

You’re like learning to swim,

I dive in head first and scream about the cold later,

You’re like listening to music,

I am calmed by the feel of your hands on my ear drums,

You’re like a rollercoaster,

I have the time of my life with you,

You’re like an airplane,

I ride through all my turbulence with you,

You’re like a new silk shirt,

I love the way you feel on me,

You’re like my keyboard,

I press the right buttons to get variations of beauty,

You’re like my guitar strings,

I love the sounds you make when I pluck you,

You’re like waking up,

I feel refreshed when you’re through with me,

You’re like a pace-maker,

I love the way you regulate my heart beats,

You’re like snow,

I love you’re cold surface and you’re pure white depth,

You’re like a blooming flower,

I love the mystery you hide inside.

What I like about you,

Is the fact that you make me wonder why I do.

Monday, August 2, 2010

God Bless America

Author: Caleb David Duku

God bless the

Land of the free

And the Home of the brave,

The land of the crack addicts

And technological slaves,

The land where democracy is just a word,

And hard work can no longer be seen or heard,

What happened to the pride that we once had,

You can’t tell me we shipped it off with our soldiers to Baghdad,

You can’t tell me the pearl was bombed,

To make a breed of blood sucking morons,

To think that the pressure would make die-monds,

Not die away in a film of tears and regret,

Not die away with the thousands of lives lost,

When twin towers crashed to the ground,

And became stones and moss.

Gone are the days

When broad stripes and bright stars

Made us believe America was ours

The land where all people walk brave and tall,

Whether you’re Christian, Muslim or don’t give a fuck at all,

But then again who said we have to let it go?

I live for the future but I’m bringing back the past,

A paradox of mere stupidity,

I live to bring back the days

When any American could proudly say,

God Bless America!!