Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Chain Reaction

Author : Caleb David Duku

You look up, my heart beats,

As it beats your ears perk up,

Simultaneously my curiosity rises,

And I take a step closer to you,

Your lips open, the sweetest name ive ever heard comes out,

My boiling blood simmers down enough for me to figure that out.

I stretch forth my hand and our skin touches,

I look up quick enough to see your cheeks blushing,

Fast forward all of this a couple of weeks,

And were seated beneath a tree with flower petals at our feet,

Your lips stretch out in a smile and my heart grows about a mile,

Good times are to die for but immortality is still vain,

Especially when you no longer whisper but scream my name.

Hot tears scald my heart as I watch you leave,

I know were over but its something I don’t want to believe,

Looks like our chain reaction went wrong,

‘Cus I just went from sprung to happy to alone.

But then again nothing is permanent or set in stone,

So I straighten my back , suck it up and move on.

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