Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What i like about you

What I like about you

Author: Caleb David Duku

You’re like riding a new bike,

I fall in love with you over and over again,

You’re like learning to swim,

I dive in head first and scream about the cold later,

You’re like listening to music,

I am calmed by the feel of your hands on my ear drums,

You’re like a rollercoaster,

I have the time of my life with you,

You’re like an airplane,

I ride through all my turbulence with you,

You’re like a new silk shirt,

I love the way you feel on me,

You’re like my keyboard,

I press the right buttons to get variations of beauty,

You’re like my guitar strings,

I love the sounds you make when I pluck you,

You’re like waking up,

I feel refreshed when you’re through with me,

You’re like a pace-maker,

I love the way you regulate my heart beats,

You’re like snow,

I love you’re cold surface and you’re pure white depth,

You’re like a blooming flower,

I love the mystery you hide inside.

What I like about you,

Is the fact that you make me wonder why I do.


  1. love it!!!
    ei your girl de3 she will listen to serious raps paa!!!

  2. this is so cool.. pls i wnt lie at first i was wonderin wht u wer gettin at wth all the "you're likes" bt the end jus made me smile..